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Innovative Recruitment Solutions

When it comes to finding the right staff why should you be at the mercy of a Recruitment Consultant who could pass the best candidates to their favourite client who pays a slightly higher percentage?

Shorebird is different. We have a clear and transparent fee structure and our consultants are paid a flat rate to fill your jobs. This way we can ensure that you get the best candidates available all of the time, no matter what.


Now that must be reassuring?

Tell us about the job

Initially, we will take brief job details and then your dedicated consultant will call you and take a full brief from you. It is vitally important to understand:

  • Your job and what the job involves
  • The skills, experience and qualifications the candidate will need
  • What your expectations of the candidates are
  • The place of work, transport links, environment
  • Salary, benefits and what you can offer the candidate as an employer

That’s normal, isn’t it?

Getting you the right talent

Our goal is to become a strategic recruitment partner rather than send over a collection of cv’s, hoping that the candidates hit the mark. We have a clear online system that we call SAM (Shorebird Applicant Manager).

SAM provides you with a window on the true candidate, not the information that we think you want to hear. You’ll be able to see their true CV, answers to questions and the interview notes from the consultant, all before you decide whether you want to interview them

Now that has to save time, doesn’t it?

Recruitment expertise

So you’ve not heard of the Shorebird name? We’re not surprised. That’s because we have been working for many of our clients as part of their teams. Advertising their vacancies under their brand, interviewing applicants as part of their businesses.

We have worked with many household names and now it’s time for us to use our skills and expertise to work for you. We know how to find staff, skilled people to work in the most challenging of jobs, your jobs.

So what’s stopping you then? Give us a call or fill in the basic form and we will be straight on it.


Getting your job filled with the best talent available.